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Case Study: EasyDIY
Case Study: EasyDIY
Case Study – HCV
Case Study – HCV

In 2011, Wag the Dog Publishers identified a growing interest in consumers tackling their own DIY tasks. This increase was attributed to several factors, the key being the increase in home ownership and the costs savings attached to homeowners doing their own DIY projects. Based on this trend, Sandra Gordon, CEO of Wag the Dog Publishers, decided to add another publication to her stable – a quarterly DIY magazine aimed at consumers who like to tackle DIY without the threat of finding projects and ideas that are often seen as too difficult and complicated.

Builder’s Warehouse agreed up front to buy 20 000 copies of each issue for re-sale hence making the magazine immediately attractive to advertisers. In addition, the magazine was listed at Exclusive Books, Pick n Pay, CNA and Checkers.

Our Task:

With a limit budget we were tasked with developing a campaign to launch the magazine to consumers.

The objective:

To create brand awareness and position the magazine as offering practical solutions to DIY problems, in a fun and sexy way.

In addition, the layout and design of the magazine had to follow a well-crafted architectural template to ensure readership involvement with every page.

Creative rationale:

Consumers undertake their own DIY projects if they feel they the project is simple and does not require enormous skill and knowledge.  We needed to offer consumers easy, practical ideas, while attaching a sexiness to the concept of DIY.

Our launch campaign covered billboards, trailer ads, a simple TV commercial and a series of brand and subscription drive print ads

What we liked:      

The great opportunity to be involved in the launch of a new magazine title – one which allowed us to have fun with the creative direction.

Client comment:

Ideaology understood how we wanted to position this magazine, and developed simple ideas to achieve this with a very tight budget.

Proudest moment:

Seeing a copy of the first issue of the magazine on the shelf at retail level.

Our work: The campaign for EasyDIY assisted with creating awareness and continued ad hoc creative work continues to assist with the growth and success of this magazine.



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Heavy Commercial Vehicle Underwriting Managers (Pty) Limited (HCV)© is underwritten by RMB Structured Insurance Limited. As one of South Africa's heavy, medium and light commercial vehicle underwriting managers of choice, they enjoy an enviable reputation for service and customer care and they continue to offer excellent value for premiums across a number of innovative products. That's because they’re not your usual underwriting manager. They do things differently, such as sincerely caring for trucks and truckers.

The credentials of HCV make them a desirable company favoured by brokers and truck owners.

Our task:

In 2014, we were tasked by HCV to develop a campaign that would ultimately build on the brand promise ‘Caring for trucks and truckers’. This required communication that focused on a number of commitments make to brokers and drivers/truck owners and how they can benefit from them.

The objective:

To bring awareness of their inherent commitment through attractive product offerings that support  ‘Caring for trucks and truckers’ but in a friendly and accessible way.

Creative rationale:

Although we had a challenging budget to work with, we felt it important to showcase the array of products that would set HCV apart from the competition.  We developed 12 small space online creative executions that would each focus on an individual product story with the intention to cut through the clutter of current dull and busy insurance ads.  The ads were in a light-hearted cartoon form with a caption that told the visual story. At year end (2014) we converted these same ads into a client give away calendar for 2015. The same creative exercise was repeated with fresh work for 2016.

What we liked:

The opportunity to produce a memorable small space campaign that has not only enhanced the reputation of HCV but has seen distinctive creative work stand out positively in the marketplace – along with a proven increase in profit revenue.

Client comment:

“Ideaology realised that there were a lot of good things to say about HCV. They said it all in a fun, compelling and insightful way”.

Proudest moment:

When the marketing team showed us the HCV 2015 performance sheet along with seeing all of our original artworks for the campaign framed and on display throughout HCV headquarters in Johannesburg.

Our work: The campaign for HCV was a further demonstration of Ideaology’s ability to produce   highly creative work within a restricted budget whilst improving on previous sales targets.

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